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The Black Queer Dom Society is an online & in person community rooted in Black pleasure and joy. A place to learn, grow and explore how kink, power exchange and BDSM can transform your life. Rooted in Blackness and driven by Black kink educators, creators and leaders--it is a doorway to workshops, trainings & experiences that will deepen your understanding of yourself. You must be 21+ and vetted to to join. 

Apply to join the Black Queer Dom Society today!

How to Make the Cut. 

In 2023 I will accept 100 Black Queer & Trans kinksters into the BQD Society. You must be 21+ and vetted to join us, meaning you have answered questions around consent and community engagement that show you are ready to be an accountable member of our community. To receive the passcode to sign up, send a DM to Black Queer Dom Society on why you want to join the society. 

Membership ($25/month) includes monthly access to live virtual sessions, online workshops and trainings with the best Black Trans & Queer Kink leaders around the globe, be the first to access to Black Queer Dom events, and special Society only events in cities around the country. In addition, you'll be able to access my BQD Society Close Friends and receive a Kinky Kwanzaa gift bag at the end of the year. 

Join. Us.

If you've received the invite to join us...


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